New Plays in a Pub

Route 66 Theatre believes that theatre is an invitation to discussion and participation with both artists and patrons. Our theatrical road trip begins by engaging our audiences in our play selection process through a New Play Reading Series in the Upstairs Bar at Mrs Murphy’s Irish Bistro. Always a good time filled with drinks and conversation, our readings bring together some of the finest talent Chicago has to offer with works from local and national playwrights never before heard in Chicago. We invite you to join us for a relaxed and informal event full of exciting theatre and discussion.

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May 19th
June 9th
July 14th
August 18th
September 22nd
October 20th
Reading Series History of New Plays

May 2013
How to Write a New Book for the Bible
by Bill Cain
directed by Artistic Associate Damon Kiely
Starring Tony Award Winner Deanna Dunagan
featuring Artistic Director Stef Tovar, with Tim Decker and Randy Steinmeyer

March 2013
Start Fair in the Common Race
by Aaron Carter
directed by Associate Artistic Director Erica Weiss
featuring La Shawn Banks, Lili-Anne Brown, Wardell Clark, John Steven Crowley, Victoria Gilbert, Preston Tate Jr and Andy Truschinski

January 2013
The Seduction Community
by Greg Keller
directed by Associate Artistic Director Erica Weiss
featuring Matthew Brumlow, Cliff Chamberlain, Craig Cunningham,  Jurgen Hooper, Susaan Jamshidi, Mouzam Makkar, Blair Robertson, Madrid St. Angelo, and Samuel Taylor

September 2012
The How and the Why
by Sarah Treem
directed by Keira Fromm
featuring Janet Ulrich Brooks and Elizabeth Ledo

May 2012
I Love You More Than Shoes
written and performed by Wandachristine

April 2012
Truth Be Told
written and performed by Tania Richard

January 2012
Last Autumn
by Adam Simon
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Brenda Barrie, Matt Farabee, and Mary Ann Thebus

November 2011
by John Kolvenbach
directed by Damon Kiely
featuring Janet Ulrich Brooks, Francis Guinan, James Victor Kuligoski, and Kelly Wilson

October 2011
Go Back to Where You
by David Greenspan
directed by Mark Lococo
featuring La Shawn Banks, Janet Ulrich Brooks, Terry Hamillton, Elizabeth Ledo, Ross Lehman, and Brandon Dahlquist

September 2011
Evie’s Waltz
by Carter Lewis
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Stef Tovar, Lia Mortensen, and Taylor Bibat

August 2011
Between Us
by Joe Hortua
directed by Keira Fromm
featuring Hilary Clemens, Patricia Lavery, Demetrios Troy, and Vincent Teninty

July 2011
Lights Up on the Fade Out
by Padriac Lillis
directed by Damon Kiely
featuring John Mohrlen, Cliff Chamberlain, Julia Neary, and Stef Tovar

April 2011
No Wake
by William Donnelly
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Stef Tovar, Lia Mortensen, and Bill Bannon

April 2010
Our Daughter Keeps Our Hammer
by Brian Watkins
directed by b. Swibel
featuring Katie Jeep and Blair Robertson

August 2010
Down to This
by Adam Chanzit
directed by Brian LaDuca
featuring Alexis Atwill, Eric Kaiko, John Rushing, Cora Vanderbroek, and Dane Halverson

July 2010
A Twist of Water
by Caitlin Parrish
directed and co-created by Erica Weiss
featuring Stef Tovar, Patrick Byrnes, Falashay Pearson, and Lili-Anne Brown

June 2010
Cops and Friends of Cops
by Ron Klier
directed by Scott Cummins
featuring Stef Tovar, Johnny Clark, John Morhlein, Joe D Lauck, and James Earl Jones II

March 2010
The Gingerbread House
by Mark Schultz
directed by Susan E. Bowen
featuring Stef Tovar, Cheryl Graeff, Nick Cimino, Danny McCarthy, Katie Jeep, Ashley Bishop, and Adam Rebora

February 2010
The Pecking Order
by Laura Lynn MacDonald
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Janet Ulrich Brooks, Craig Spidle, Penelope Ann Walker, Brandon Dahlquist, and Rashaad Hall

January 2010
The Best of All Possible Worlds
by Alice Austen
directed by Damon Kiely
featuring Stef Tovar, John Mohrlein, Ian Paul Custer, Brandon Dahlquist, and Janelle Snow

December 2009
The View From Tall
by Caitlin Parrish
directed by Erica Weiss
featuring Stef Tovar, Caitlin Parrish, and Kelly Maier

September 2009
by Dean Corrin
directed by Sandy Shinner
featuring Ian Paul Custer, Sandra Marquez, Katie Jeep, and Joe Dempsey

July 2009
McMeekin Finds Out
by Scott T Barsotti
directed by Damon Kiely
featuring Kate Buddeke, Randy Steinmeyer, and Blair Robertson

May 2009
by Ira Gammerman
directed by John Gawlick
featuring Brett Tumoi, Blair Robertson, Katie Jeep, Brandon Dahlquist, and Jurgen Hooper

April 2009
Six Postcards
by Lisa Dillman
directed by Andrea J Dymond
featuring Steve Key, Martie Sanders, Katie Jeep, Gary Houston, and Stef Tovar